Comparison Report

Would be great to have a visual comparison report that would show bookings vs the same time last year. Daily report/graph that would sit on the dashboard showing how you compare to last year for a monthly basis, weekly basis, etc. 

Basically the revenue report with more options, an easy to click, compare the time period to last year. Like Google Analytics making time over time comparisons easier. One that could be customized for the dashboard view. 


  • Hi there, I realize this is an old thread but was this feature ever incorporated?  I need to do year-to-year comparisons that include future reservations.

  • Hi kevinclarkwy,

    This has not been developed yet at this time. We are looking to do more improvements internally in Checkfront that will change the way we use reports. Once this is completed, it will be a lot faster for our development team to make any features for reports and implement these requests. 

    Thank you for your question.


    Aaron Amurao
    Checkfront Support Team

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    The most important report to me would be to compare booking volume year to year as well in order to better anticipate demand/staffing needs. There's no report for this built in and now two years since this suggestion and reports are still the same. The ones I need aren't built in and there's no way to make your own reports.
  • checkfront_aaron - that's disappointing considering this was requested a couple of years ago.  Yes, yes I know - not every feature request can be developed, but surely being able to do year-to-year comparisons for bookings (including future bookings) is something that most people need to do?  As another user mentioned, anticipating staffing needs is important, in addition to budgeting other income/expenses.
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    Just curious. Has anyone ever gotten a feature request implemented? I've been with Checkfront several years and there's been few updates despite plenty of other customers clamoring for the same improvements I've been suggesting.
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