Changing stocks on certain time range


I am trying to change my stocks (for one item only) in a certain time range, without having to change them one day at a time.
Is there a way to do this ?



  • Hi Matante,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    It depends on whether you were hoping to adjust the stock upwards or downwards.  Generally, the global stock set within the inventory builder is the "highest" stock an item can be.  To make larger-scale adjustments, there are two available options.  

    1.  The first is to create a staff-side booking (Booking > New Booking) that makes the necessary adjustments to the item.  If, for example, a customer of yours wanted to reserve 3 of a particular item for the month of August, simply create the booking over the course of August with those 3 included.  This approach works best for downwards adjustments.  
    2.  The second option is to create a clone/copy of the original item, and to use Checkfront's item events to make them bookable during separate timeframes.  This will ensure there is no overlap or overbooking within your system.  Using the previous example, if you needed a different quantity of your item for four months of the year, my recommendation would be to make the clone only available to book when the original is unavailable.  Following suit, the original should only be available when the clone is unavailable.  

    Both the original and the clone would need to have a default calendar status set to "Disabled", which we refer to as a closed inventory.  More information on this is available here if needed:  This approach works best for upwards adjustments in stock.

    If you'd like us to provide more concrete examples within your account, feel free to send our support team a message from within your account!  


    Aaron Brook
    Customer Success Team
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