API category_id ... can't seem to get it to work

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I'm working in JavaScript building a JSONP query sent via ajax to query the inventory but I can't seem to get the category_id parameter to work.  I can get the date, len, item_id parameters to work to narrow the results.  However, when I specify the category_id all inventory items are returned.  I'm using the category_id shown under inventory/category/ in my dashboard under the ID column.  I've also verified that the category_id parameter is set with the data (i.e. along with date and len) of the ajax request.

Any suggestions?


  • I can traverse the inventory returned and only show the specific category - but that seems to defeat the purpose of having a category_id parameter, adds more client-side work, and doesn't seem to be RESTful.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Are you using json or xml results?  Can you possibly include the call / url here?  Feel free to use http://demo.checkfront.com/api/
  • Jason,

    Here is an example page:  http://www.tourusa.us/test.php

    I'm using JSONP to avoid cross-domain scripting limitations.  The alternative is for me to just setup a PHP script to handle the ajax request for my api url, however I don't believe the problem is with the url or the call.

    In the test page I linked above I hope I put sufficient comments in the code and that the output dump on the page itself can show what is going on.

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