mobile booking page does not work?

edited June 2016 in Developers
We're new to CF and testing booking process on various devices. While using Hero layout, for some reason option "Redirect mobile devices to mobile booking page " does not work, i.e. mobile users get the same responsive version of the booking page as desktop users. It's a problem for 3 reasons:
1) on older devices (iPhone 4s) the booking form won't fit into screen height, causing buttons to be "below the fold" and require swiping (which is buggy on your multi-layered layout, i.e. background swipes with or instead of the modal window)
2) a lot of inputs are not mobile friendly
3) swiping causes modal window to disappear, leaving semi-transparent overlay blocking the page — it effectively makes booking page unusable. 

Our CF:
I will record a screencast to demonstrate the issue. Tested on several iphones with Safari / iOS 9. 


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