2 Inventory for 1 Location

We have a location with a showkitchen.
The Location can be booked on a daily base from 0900 - 18:00 for X EUR
as Location + Kitchen, daily base from 09:00 - 22:00 for XY EUR

Since it is the same room it obviously can only be booked once a day.
If i create 2 Inventorys (Lounge / Lounge + Kitchen) and one is booked on a specific day, the other is still available an shown as such in the calendar.

Are there any solutions for this problem (like a rule if a is booked -> b is not availabel on that day / Time period)? Any help is much appreciated!
Best, Markus


  • Hi Markus,

    Thanks for writing into the forums.

    The best solution to this would be to setup each of the items as a "Hidden - Required" package on the other, with the price set at 0%

    So, go to

    - "Inventory -> Items -> Lounge -> Packages -> Add Item Add-on",
    - Add the "Lounge + Kitchen" item to it.
    - Set the percentage to 0%
    - Set "Opt-in" to "Required - Hidden"

    Do the same thing for "Lounge + Kitchen".

    Now, whenever one of these are booked, the other will also become unavailable, and it won't show for the customers either.

    Hope that helps.

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