Amount rounding

I want an amount rounding function.

It should be possible to set the nearest wanted rounding.
If You don't want to implement it for each booked item pleas make it available for the final invoice amount.

For example lets say I have a pricing of 350 SEK/day and a discount of -15% from day.
If I then book for 3 days then I get a price of 892,50 SEK.

I would like to be able to configure invoices to be rounded to nearest 10'th, 5's, 100's, 1/10'th etc
It could also be good with an option for rounding, to nearest / round up / round down.

Like Excel rounding functions


  • Hi berijan,

    Thanks for your feature request.  This topic came up in a discussion with the Product team just this week.  I'll let them know you have requested this and link to this discussion. 

    Thanks for submitting this request for us to take into consideration.

    Checkfront Support Team

  • edited December 2016
    This is a much wanted popular feature on this type of sotware and it is what is actually making us not want to move from Frontdeskanywhere to Checkfront or any other provider. I think this is actually BIG but no company is taking it in to consideration ... no hotel wants to show ugly prices, but they also want the ability to apply discounts or make derives of base rates easily .... please DO this .. and you have a new costumer, and I believe many more if you market it properly and let people know, as it is a most wanted feature.
  • Hi there,

    Thank you for writing into the forums and the feedback.

    While we do understand the validity of your concerns in regards to the above feature, this is still in product review.

    I will let the product team know about the requested feature with your arguments listed to take into consideration.

    See here to view how Checkfront handles feature requests ->

    Best regards,
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