Within same date rule

I would like to see a rule that could be used to limit the booking to be within the same date when using per hour setting.

Let's say want to make a reservation for 6 hours.
If i book jan 1 12:00 - jan 1 18:00 it's ok, same start and end date.
If I book jan 1 19:00 - jan 2 01:00 it's NOT ok, different start and end date.

It would be even better if you could parametrize max number of days, counting dates not 24 hour intervals, for the rule.
0 = on the same date
1 = the date after starting date.
2 = 2'nd day after starting date.

And please make better explanations about how every rule works, some are quit hard to know the meaning of.
One of them: Past booking window, Number if days in past to accept bookings, please give an example.
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