Tired pricing improvment.

I renting out horsetrailers in Sweden and I do it by the hours, dag(s), week and even month. The customer always select pickup and return date and time and the system calculates the fees according to my rules. 

For the moment I'm using Webreserv.eu (wenreserv.com) but looking for an alternative.

I just started to evaluate Checkfront and to begin with it looks fine but then I found out that some, as I see it, basic functionality, is missing about tired prices.  I almost made up my mind and decide to go with Magento + Salesigniter, rentalbookingsoftware.com when i found out about Checkfront.

Setting up tired rules in Webreserv and Salesigniter is very easy and I'm really missing that simplicity in Checkfront and that will probably make me to NOT go with Checkfront unless it's planned to be implemented in a near future.

For example in Webreserv each tired pricesis set by the following info.
- Name, i.e. "1-2 days", "week" etc
- Description
- Type, Is a dropdown selection:  
        +Weekdays (Mo-Th), (as configed in system setup)
        +Weekends (Fr-Sa), (as configed in system setup, it could be Fr-Su, Sa-Su etc)
        +Period of time (i.e. 4-7 days), set, Time is between "X" Min/Hrs/Day and "Y" Min/Hrs/Day, rate is per "Z" Min/Hrs/Day.
        +Day Range (i.e Thursday - Sunday), set start and end weekday, rate is per "Z" Min/Hrs/Day.
        +Holidays (as configed in system setup)
- Visible to customer: No,Yes,Auto. If Yes or Auto under some some conditions, the different prices is displayed to the customers.

My tired setup for a typical trailer is.
- "Max 8 hrs", Period of time, 1 Hrs to 8 Hrs, Rate per 8 hrs
- "1 Day", Dayly
- "2-6 Days", Period of time, 2 days to 6 Days, Rate is per day.
- "Week", Weekly
- "Month", Monthly

It's much easier to set it up with this selection then to be needed to define everything in hours as in Checkfront.
A good thing is that it's also possible to config how for example an 8 day rent should be calculated, either as a week + 1 day charged or a week + 1/7 week.

Another good thing that I'm missing in Checkfront is the ability to config if it should be a strict calculation or if best price should be used.
Lets say it's s priced 1500 SEK/week and 400 SEK/day and a customer wants to rent for 5 days. With a strict calculation that would be 400 SEK * 4 days = 1600 SEK but if "Use lowest price" is configured it would set the price to 1500 SEK (week price) since that is lower then 4 * day price but the booking will still be for 4 days.

For example, You could make Your rules for duration more flexible and user friendly by making it possible to select time type, not connected to the general reservation type as it is now. 
"Minimum duration per item"   X , min/hrs/day/week 
"Maximum duration per item"   X , min/hrs/day/week 

Is this something that is planed in near future?
Have a look at Webreserv.eu and You may have some inspiring ideas about how to improve Checkfront so it becomes more user friendly.


  • Hi berijan,

    Thanks for reaching out on the forum!

    Checkfront does offer the ability to set up a tiered pricing structure similar to what you've described. It might not be quite as simple as it requires the configuration of several item events and rules. We have a video tutorial that can walk you through the process here: https://www.checkfront.com/support/docs/tutorials/tiered-pricing-structure

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


    Checkfront support team
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