@icomeau / Using a custom receipt URL to create a custom receipt page.

Hey Icomeau,

i read your support tutorial. To be honest: nice that it works but it didnt look very good. I wouldnt show that to my customers :-)

but i saw your site with the required documents? How is this working? Is this something new? This is interesting for me!


  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi Patrick, 
    Thanks for trying out the custom receipt URL page, I know the looks of the page are less than appealing, just text on a page. I had decided to keep that page simple to provide a proof-of-concept that a custom receipt page can be created with a few lines of javascript. In order to keep it simplified to someone who was to right-click on the page and view the HTML contents, I kept it simplified of any unnecessary CSS  or HTML code. 

    The require documents that you encountered is, in fact, a new feature that we are introducing. The new Waivers & Documents allows Checkfront owners to create legal documents to have their customer sign liability waivers. Checkfront customers who use the RightSignature add-on will be most familiar with this concept.
    We have an extensive support document at https://www.checkfront.com/support/docs/add-ons/waivers to help introduce the add-on to customers.

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