Quickbooks Integration Update: Process refunds as "Refund Receipts" instead of "Credit Memos"

If using Quickbooks integration, when generating a refund through Checkfront the system creates a "Credit Memo" in Quickbooks online.

Unfortunately, in QBO, Credit Memo's are intended to be retained and applied against future invoices, and cannot be directly applied to a refund payment. Instead, QBO has a "Refund Receipt" item type specifically to reflect a refund payment.

Currently we need to manually create a matching Refund Receipt and delete the auto-generated Credit Memo, in order to balance the books.  Being able to select whether to issue a refund as either a credit memo or a direct refund would be extremely helpful.

Many thanks,

Shaun Hurley


  • Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    This is definitely something we'll be discussing in regards to Refunds with QBO. We are working hard to create something that will compromise with all out clients here at Checkfront. 

    At the moment, QBO does not actually allow us to do this due to limitations within their API that we use to integrate with. We are still looking for alternatives on what we can do of course, but at this time, our best option to add refunds would be through credit memo. Without Credit Memo, we wouldn't be able to push refund logs from Checkfront to QBO at all. 

    Until QBO adds a Refund Receipt feature into their API, I'm afraid we are left with Credit Memo in the meantime.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

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