Check In and Check Out Notifications

Interested in a email/sms notification to alert someone or staff once a customer has been checked in or checked out in lieu of the reservation status notification. This would be an excellent way to notify other staff members that a customer/group is on premises and the on-boarding process will begin. 


  • Hi msjcjchow

    Thanks for the feedback! 

    We'll add this to our feature request list and update this post when progress happens within the request.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,
  • Thanks Aaron.

  • Hi,

    Has this been done yet?

    A customer and staff email/sms notification would be really helpful with the Check in and Check out feature. We would like the customer to receive a welcome notification when checked in and a thank you notification when checked out.

    Please advise

    Thank you
  • Hi MMC,

    At this time we have not implemented a notification system for checking in or out a customer. I will bring this up with the product team so they're aware it's still in demand, and they can factor it into plans for future updates. 

    In the meantime what you could do is create custom Check-In and Check-out statuses that send notifications immediately. Then when a customer checks-in or out you just need to switch them to this status, and the notification will send out. You can then change the customer to any more appropriate status.

    I hope this helps! If you have any further questions you're welcome to contact us at

    - Jay Coughlan :: Technical Support Specialist
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