Print Ticket Feature

I am thrilled with this option, but hoping it has a little further development coming:
1) Would like to be able to have the customer name show on the ticket, not the company name
2) Would love to be able to choose a different layout/size for the  ticket. So instead of wasting a full sheet of paper, we could print them on our bar code printer or even a receipt printer.


  • If you're looking to add a mini-printer to your setup, i'd recommend taking a look at - they have a number of bluetooth, serial and IrDa mini printers suitable for tickets, receipts order confirmations and can run battery operated too. Perfect for sales on the go! 
  • Hello! I have also asked about the print ticket feature as it will work wonders for us if we can (and our guest) print the tickets for the tour, but we will like to modify the layout as more information will be needed for our guest. I believe the request feature was sent last week or so but now I found this discussion from more than a year ago. Are there any updates or changes from last year to this year request regarding the feature?

  • Hi Guys,

    The print feature has been untouched as we are currently prioritizing the integral structure of the system to make sure that we can cleanly add new and better features in the future (This also applies to improvements). With that said, these are not forgotten and we do hear everyone's need for a better ticket feature. We don't have any current plans yet for improvements for this but as we progress through our current roadmap, we would discuss this in the near future.

  • Well printing all by your self can be a little tricky some times, i used to do my company's checks printing from our admin depart which didn't work quite well. I recently got suggested by ally about Carousel Check Coupons, having authentic coupons. I used it too, and hope things turn on your table. :)

  • Is there any updates regarding the print ticket feature??? Its been 6 months since the last comment from staff... 
  • This feature would be beneficial to Haliburton Forest as well.  Everyone signs into our Main Office, but many of the activities they participate in are located at other sites throughout our 100,000 acre property.  It would be great if we could have this option to personalize the tickets and/or adjust printing sizes as we don't want to waste paper. 

  • AngelaAngela Checkfront

    Thanks for your interest in this feature request for customizing printed tickets!

    While we don't yet have a firm plan for improving ticket printing customization at this time, your interest has been noted and your comments have been passed along for further review.

    We really appreciate all of the feedback!

    Angela - Checkfront Support Team
  • Cincinnati Dinner Train would definitely be interested in a PRINT TICKET feature within Checkfront.  I'm currently printing tickets manual outside of the program.  My tickets need to show passenger name, date, car assignment, table & seat assignment, meal selections.  I utilize the back of my tickets with FAQ and Liability Waiver.
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    edited September 2018
    Hi vlc1960,

    Thanks for being a part of this discussion. I can definitely empathize with the amount of manual work that must go into your current ticketing process.

    I have included your comments in our feature request for staff ticketing to offer customization.

    Thank you for the interest and contributions!
    Checkfront Support Team
  • Well printing all by your self can be a little tricky some times, i used to do my company's checks printing from our admin depart which didn't work quite well.
  • I would like to start using the Print Ticket Feature, but as it is, it's just pointless. 

    the ticket doesn't show my company name (which is fine, cause I wouldn't need that anyway),
    but instead shows my company's address, which is just a waste of space.

    most importantly, it doesn't show the Customer name's!!!

    It is also possible that some of Checkfront's customers would like the status of the booking to be displayed too.

    basically, it's missing the option to customise what should be printed on the tickets.

    Thanks for your feedback on this. Hopefully, it won't be another "thanks for your comments, I've attached your name to a feature request, bla bla bla..."type of answer....
  • Hey @Dedric - Laura here! I appreciate your feedback - your comments make a lot of sense, and I can see why having the ability to customize what's printed on the tickets would be helpful. While I wish I could provide you with a different answer, or some additional feedback/insight, as we've discussed in other threads, we have limited development resources. While I completely agree that this could be a great improvement, ticket printing customization is not on our list of priorities right now. We are heads down working on getting some other awesome things out the door. From there, we'll be able to evaluate other improvements and feature requests that are on our radar.  

    Thanks again for your continued engagement! 
    Director of Technical Support 
  • Thanks Laura.

    that's the answer I feared...

    that said, I have to agree with you that the features you are currently working on will bring great improvement!  :-)
  • Print Ticket Feature is an essential  Feature. I am also working on Free Chat App for website such related options are enabled in it. 
  • I was just wondering if there was an updated on this feature request and any plans to work with this feature?  The biggest benefit for us would be to send it to a small receipt printer.  We use Square so printing to that printer would be the best option, although sending to our office printer and printing on business card size would also be a huge benefit. 
  • Hi @MelissaPockett,

    Thanks for your question!

    Improvements to ticket printing aren't planned for the near future but I have added your comments to our existing feature request so they can be taken into account when our Product Team begins scoping out these potential print and formatting improvement ideas.

    Thanks, again and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any follow up questions or comments.

    Kind regards,


    Technical Support Specialist

    Checkfront | | Email:

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