Transaction responses now visible in activlty log & PRE bookings

JasonJason CEOCheckfront
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You may notice new transaction responses in the activity log, as well as the transaction log for a booking.  This includes transactional errors, such as card declined, AVS errors etc.  These were previously only shown to the user during the transaction.

Incomplete bookings, for whatever the reason, may (depending on your account setup) also show in your activity log with the status of "PRE". 



  • Jason - Right now our site seems to be showing customers a receipt even thought the transaction has a "PRE" status and therefore isn't completed.

    We had 7 extra people show up for our last tour and we couldn't figure out I think I know. Obviously, this is a major concern. I've contacted support with an URGENT request but anything you can do to answer this problem is appreciated.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    The system doesn't show a receipt, nor does it send out a notification on a PRE-Booking.  A PRE booking is merely a booking in progress, or an abandoned booking.

    I'll have a look at your configuration and see where the confusion may be coming from.
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