As many name fields as booked guests ?!

im sure that this is not the first request about that topic.

For many reasons we need for every guest a single name field. If a person is booking for 5 people we only have the name of the person who did the booking. Thats an old problem. Maybe this feature request pushs that topic?! 

Better would be Name field and additional field per guest like email adress or phone number or passport ID. Than also a report with main booking person + guests woule be helpfull. 

I hope my english was good enough to understand what I mean :-)

best regards



  • Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We are aware of this feature and we are taking necessary steps to get this feature within Checkfront. We'll add you to the list of people who'd like to see this feature in fruition.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,
  • In Brazil, we need too. We have to declare each passenger name and document number in each bus before the bus leave the garage. It would be very useful has for each item 2 fields (name and doc number) for each seat sold, and have a report with the simple list of passengers for each item each day. Would be nice that if the customer buy more than one item, could copy passangers list from one item to the other...
  • Hello,

    Thanks for the interest in the feature request. 

    I have also added your name to the New Feature request ticket.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Best Regards,
  • Add us too
  • Hi Drew,

    Thanks for your comment.  Our team has noted your interest as well in parameter-driven form fields.


    Aaron B.
    Checkfront Support Team
  • edited September 2016
    +1 Vote for this functionality!  We need names of event participants to generate competition brackets, being able to collect all (or even some) of the names during the booking would be extremely helpful.

    P.S. Would also be massivley helpful if integrated with the Waive Add-on so waiver can be tied to individual participants.
  • +1 we also vote for this functionality.
  • This missing feature hurts more and more... Its even neccassary for our obligatory insurance to have all customer names available. We need Names and option for email, phone number and passport number.
  • We need this function too please!
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your interest and input. 

    I have passed on to our developers that we have more people interested in this feature. Customer's that show interest will be contacted once we have more detail from our developers. 
  • This can be accomplished by using the Custom Receipt Url found under E-Commerce>Settings. Once customer has made payment, redirect to a form that collects whatever you wish. This has the added advantage of being after payment is made, rather than adding complexity to the checkout process and increasing your number of abandoned carts. Redirect to their receipt after you have collected the information.
  • +1 for this function..
  • Hi JayZ,

    Thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback!

    I've added you to the list of clients who would like to see this feature implemented. If this feature is added, we will let you know.

    Thanks again for proving your input.

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Yeah, @hotspots2ctours also need this feature +1 from me to add the option to get individual details /booking fields per passenger.  Thanks
  • Hi diab,

    Thanks for writing in the forums and providing feedback!

    I've added you to the list of clients that would like to see this feature implemented.

    We will let you know if this feature is added to the system.


    Checkfront Support Team
  • We would like this feature too....Even better if it could link with the disclaimers so we could see who had signed on the ipad app :-)
  • We would love to see this as well. It would help show on the booking form who is getting what equipment
  • Hello ! I need it too !
  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi adrienmonchy,

    This has been on our radar recently so the development team is taking a look at how to properly implement this into the Checkfront Booking Manager so that it will be adapted to various types of customer setups that use Checkfront. I would keep updated on our updates page in the future to see when the development team releases this new feature.
  • +1 for this function
  • We are also interested by this feature also included for waivers. If a customer book for 3 people, it will be nice to generate 3 waivers to fill up. 
  • Hello,

    I've added your name to the current feature request.  Should it become part of the Checkfront platform it will be posted on our recent updates page:
  • We also need this.  For foreigners who book a hotel room, we need to record the nationality and id # of every guest that stays here of any age. We don't really need it on the booking page unless it is optional.  We don't want to lose a client because it takes too long to fill in all the info. It would be good if additional custom fields were triggered off the total number of guests in a room, also recognizing that we have 2 parameters for this as we need to know the number of adults and the number of children which drive the rate for the room. But for identification we need to be able to capture the infor for all guests.  Thanks.
  • I would like to support this feature, as I have been waiting for it for 2 years. but there are no news.
  • Hi,

    Our team has developped a tool called Office Waivers for checkfront with these main functionnalities :

    • Collect bookings in excel from CF using the API for n days (parameter) to create pre-filled documents
    • Modify or add informations about customers
    • Generate pdf waivers using word model (.dot)
    • Pre-filled Waivers can be completed using Pc, smartphone, tablets...
    This tool is usefull for a lot of situations (waivers, police documents..)
    Feel free to ask us :

    Some screenshot :!AiLrRlkn-nPjoG3SIqxSsCP9VrTQ!AiLrRlkn-nPjoG4wnGCyeNSXlLLZ!AiLrRlkn-nPjoHFJPWfHKg2hYlRb!AiLrRlkn-nPjoHOjhVMNUBhJcEFD!AiLrRlkn-nPjoHJVj2aWaggVKmbC
  • Following up on my earlier comments / support for this request, subsequent to our adoption of Checkfront's (loosely) integrated waiver system.  It would make sense for this information (participants in an event) to be both driven by/from the waiver content/system.  At the moment the waiver integration feels (for the lack of a better term) very loose in terms of its coupling with the main system.

    Where a client booking an event takes the effort to individually invite attendees via the waiver system, logically those invitees could be added / referenced by the booking as attendees.

    As is most common (for us) where clients share the waiver link and people pre-waiver at their own discretion (we see about 70 - 80%) then when the attendees use that link their information becomes available and could be linked to the booking.  Similarly for onsite waivers, which are manually associated with bookings.

    Simply (I know it's not really that simple) providing API access to the Waiver data would be a massive step towards satisfying this requirement, allowing us to integrate as we need. 
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi Shaunhurley, 

    As always, thank you for the feedback. It's important for us that we have insight into how our customers wish, need, or expect their workflow to go. 

    As an electronic waiver is always an external document that is attached to a booking and intended to provide some level of legal release (and are therefore not editable), we didn't and don't see it as a good fit to collect booking related guest details that we then pass back to the booking. However, in lieu of not being able to collect guest details on the booking form, we certainly see the connection our customers are making. 

    Back when we built and released waivers, it was an important feature to offer our customers, that were seeing sometimes heavy costs associated with waiver integrations, and so it was prioritized over other features.  

    With waivers alive and well (outside of the ever evolving improvements), we are now actively working on updates to our booking form that will allow businesses to collect guest details according the the number of people booking. This has been a long time request from the bulk of our customers, and the changes to get there have not been small. 

    Considerations have been taken to ensure booking flow and collection of guest details fit within the variety of ways business want, need, expect to use Checkfront, including how it fits within the current flow where a business uses our integrated waivers. 

    These changes are currently in development and, barring any unforeseen circumstances,  are expected to be available in a closed beta with the second quarter of this year.  If you are interested in getting early beta access and providing feedback, please drop a line to our support team with your request and we will put you on the list! 

    I hope this sheds some light on our current progress and direction. Please let us know if you have further questions.

    Product Manager
  • Hi Ravenna,

    Could you please add me on the list or as a beta tester of this functionality ? 

    Thank you
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi OnWheels, 

    I'm happy to let you know that this feature has recently been released and is available under as Guest Forms.  

    "The Guest Form add-on is an extension of your Booking Form and enables you, as a business, to collect the names and email addresses of all guests on a booking, not just the person who made it. This is great for maintaining customer records and updating your manifests and itineraries."

    The Guest Form can be found and enabled under Manage > Add-ons > Guest Form.

    You can read more about collecting guest details here.

    If you have any questions regarding the set up, please contact support with your account details and we will be happy to help you get started. 


    Product Manager 

  • Good Morning,

    I am trying to setup the guest forms for our rentals.

    A few questions:
    1) is the info only sent out once the bookign created, or can it be embeded so that when the person aking the booking can enter the info (i.e when a parent is booking for the family of 4, we would not require emails for kids or a spouse)
    2) How can we eliminate the email parameter?

  • Hi @NomadGearRentals,

    Thanks for your questions!
    The email field is not a required field for all guests. You can make the email field required for Adults only by going to Manage, then Layout and finally Guest Form. You can then edit the email field to be guest specific on the Advanced Tab.

    Alternatively, you can make an email required on the customer booking form, and not have it as required on the guest form. It currently isn't able to remove the field completely. 

    For more information on how to configure your guest form see our Guest Form articles.

    I hope you found this information helpful. Have a great rest of your day.

    Thank you,

    Training Lead
    Checkfront Technical Support
  • Hi Ryan,

    thank you for the response. I have tried to eliminate the Email section but no success, it will not let me do anything.

    So on the Guest form, can the info not be embedded in the booking form as people add items? 
    For us, it would be best if when someone is doing a booking and adding more items is where we capture the other guest's Name, Height, Weight, Age, Skier ability. that way on a booking it is neatly showing up all on one form.

  • Hi @NomadGearRentals,

    Thanks for the follow-up, 

    Yes, the email field is not able to be removed completely at this point. This is because it is used to create a guest account.  I can understand your situation though, not wanting to have the email field visible for certain guest types. The guest form is a new feature for Checkfront, because of this our product team has been receiving lots of feature requests. I've added your account to the existing feature request to guest specific email fields request. 

    The order of the guest form in the booking flow was done to ensure there were no added steps before payment/reservation of a booking. More customization to this booking flow in relation to the guest form hasn't yet been requested so I will create one for our product team to review on your behalf, this way as more requests come in others will add to it. 

    Thank you again for reaching out if there is anything I can help with please let me know.

    Technical Support Training Lead
  • Thank you Ryan,

    If there is at all a way to create a text field that we could have as an inventory item that would fill in the void.
    That way we could simply select that as a item when we create packages, that way we could collect data for specific categories and capture all the info needed when a guest is creating a booking.

  • Hi NomadGearRentals,

    I may be misunderstanding, but it is possible to make 'item-specific' fields. In that way, you can customize what fields are displayed based on what items are being booked. This is true for both the regular booking form as well as the guest form.

    To make a field item-specific, go to Manage > Layout > Booking/Guest Form > 'Edit' a field > Advanced and turn on the 'Item Specific' option. You can then select which items need to be on the booking for the field to be displayed. Note that some system fields (name, email, etc.) cannot be made item-specific.

    I hope this helps for now! If you have more questions, could you maybe email us directly at Being able to see your account may add some context to your questions and will make it easier for us to provide possible solutions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • I’d like to throw my name in the hat in regards to the flow for gathering guest specific details. It’s a really odd approach that doesn’t really make much sense to guests. I can see huge issues with customers not following through and filling out the guest names. If we could have the option to force them to fill out before payment, that would be perfect.

    Will the Dev API he updated soon to show the guest information attached? Maybe I’m missing something?

  • I'm new to Checkfront and really like the flexibility of the system, but see the need to have guest details associated with a booking on a report. My addition to the request is to be able to export all guest details for all bookings between any two date ranges.

    In particular, we need all guest details for a booking week. I know the "Daily Agenda" does something similar but if you make this report for a specified date range instead of just one night it would go a long way to satisfying this request. I find it peculiar that there is basically no guest report. You can't print a guest form and there seems to be no way of reporting on booking with guests for a given period.

    I will add my name to the already long list. This appears to  have been first raised in 2016.....quite a while ago 
  • Hello,

    Thank you for using our forums.

    @Neville, thank you for the feedback regarding the available reports. The 'Daily Agenda' is still fairly new and it is still being improved. But I can see how a 'multi-day' report that includes guest details could be helpful.

    I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. Please note that this thread (started in 2016) was for the 'Guest Form', which has been implemented. While the feature is now available, it is relatively new and we definitely appreciate all feedback on this feature.

    Please let us know if you have any more thoughts or suggestions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • I am not sure why you take such a narrow view of the capability you delivered. You provided a way to capture all this information but for the most part no way to use it by reporting or printing or searching.  Same thing happened when you added the ability to track additional customer data. We can capture it all but have no way to search or print the data. So we have all this data now and we have no way to use it. I still can't search for the Company Name of our clients to see what reservations they have coming up, what they have done in the past, find one if they can;t remember the date or figure out what discount to give them.

    Even though we track data about every guest that is in the hotel (name, passport info, etc.) we have not implemented the new guest forms because as bryceww said, the workflow is odd and in the documentation I can see very little way of using the data.  Also I see no way for Staff to enter this data when we make our own reservations on behalf of the client.

  • Hi there @TurismoCaNica

    Thanks for your feedback about Guest Forms. You mentioned that one of the reasons you haven't implemented our new guest forms because you don't see a way for Staff to enter data when making reservations on behalf of the client. 

    I have good news for you! Guest Forms can be filled out by Staff, the exact same as a customer would. They can either complete the data themselves or send an email asking each guest to fill out the data.

    Regarding your other feedback, there are currently feature requests for the ability to search customer data from custom booking form fields, so thank you for letting me know that this is important to you. Right now, you can search using Name and Email fields, and you can print the default system fields from the Customer Directory. That said, the Booking Index does allow all booking form fields to be included, so in the meantime, you could consider exporting the data and search/sort using Excel or Google Sheets. I agree with you though - this workflow could be improved and simplified.

    Thanks again for your feedback, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at if you'd like to discuss your account in more detail. 

    Technical Support Manager, Checkfront 
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