Product reviews for tourism services

I am evaluating Checkfront and so far it seems like an excellent product. One area though that baffles me is the fact it doesn't enable product reviews. I'd like to use CF to power a vacation rental property site where users can search for properties in a variety of locations using price, reviews and location to filter results. I would have thought that within Checkfront it would be simple to add reviews using a generic star based system but it seems this isn't currently a feature. Ideally this would be an automated survey email sent to all customers following their stay/use of the product, and then I could choose to make that review live by clicking a checkbox within CF, which would then add the review to that product profile. I'd imagine this would be a very popular feature for all categories of tourism business using Checkfront. I'd be interested to hear if anyone is using a hack or workaround to achieve star reviews on their products, or if this is in the pipeline with Checkfront in the near future. 


  • Hi Hutchy,

    Thank you for writing into the Checkfront forums.

    Checkfront currently doesn't have a rating system as part of it, and there are at the moment no plans to implement one.

    A lot of our customers use TripAdvisor Connect, which lets the add-on for Checkfront queue up review emails, and is one of the primary ways they take reviews.

    We have heard a few clients request this now and then, and I will add on your statement to the product team as well so that we may keep track of the demand.

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