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For tour agencies this feature could help them offer added value to their suppliers.


  • Any update or answer to this idea?  It would really help if guests contact information was easily printable or viewable on mobile applications.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    It's possible to build this out yourself using the notification templates.  If you can provide more information as to what you'd like to see in the manifest, we can provide an sample template, or add the request to our dev roadmap.

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  • I'll chime in from the supplier side...

    When a Tour Agency, Travel Agent, Concierge or Broker books a flight AND depending on the type of flight AND type of Operator, the Operator may need data to:

    1) Notify a Passenger of changes to a flight
    2) Check the US Federal No-Fly list against the Passenger manifest
    3) File what is referred to as an "eAPIS" (Advance Passenger Information System") with our very own Department of Homeland Security if the flight will enter or depart the USA.

    Data required would include:


    Hope this helps.

    FWIW, while I love whiz bang features, I have to say that unless Checkfront intends to interface with eAPIS,  verify against the US No Fly list or become a dedicated Aviation Booking Engine, I think all of the data except the Names and Contact info would be a waste of time for a Tour Agency or Broker to type into Checkfront.

    It would be easier to hand write it and push through the fax (some of you youngun's may not even know what that is...) because the data itself ends up at a deadend - stuck in Checkfront unless the Checkfront user can manipulate the data digitally through the API.

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