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Presently, using the search function only works with Booking ID and Client Name (First, Last, Partial).  We would be pleased to be able to search by email address and phone number.  

 I would also like our 2nd phone number (ID = manager_phone) on the booking page to display like the phone (customer_phone).
Also a consolidated address format for the delivery_address, delivery_city... that displays like customer_address, customer_city, customer_country...


  • Hi b2the02,

    Thanks for reaching out on the forums!

    This expansion of the global search box is certainly a feature request that we've received before.  I can understand how having additional booking form fields working in the search function would be helpful.  I'll be happy to let our product team of your interest in seeing this feature integrated into Checkfront.

    For more on how we handle the many feature requests our team receives, feel free to check out this blog post:  https://www.checkfront.com/how-we-handle-feature-requests

    As you may note in our support documentation with respect to system fields, prefixing the ID of a custom field with ‘customer_’ causes the field to be shown in the top section of invoices with the rest of the customer information.

    Could you provide some more information on the consolidated delivery address format you would like to see?  

    Kind regards,

    Aaron Brook
    Checkfront Support Team

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    I understand the customer_ fields and the way they are placed.  I want a delivery_(address) that formats the same way.


  • Hey there,

    Thanks for following up with us!  Looks as if a colleague of mine has already informed our product team of your interest in seeing this feature integrated into Checkfront.  

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  • We also need the ability to be able to search by company name. I added it as a custom field (since most of my customers are associated with a company) and there's absolutely no ability to include that field in a search.
  • I'm sorry, but I just need the basic ability to look up a customer when they call in. The fact Checkfront can't handle this without stuffing Company data into fields where they don't belong is embarrassing.
  • Hi parawing742,

    Thank you for the reply.

    The ability to add specific fields to a customer profile, such as your 'Company' field, is a relatively new addition to Checkfront that was part of our recent booking form updates. While the booking form and customer profiles have been updated, no changes have yet been made to the Customer Directory. I think it would definitely be great to be able to display and search by custom fields here, but I cannot say when (or if) this change will be made.

    But I have passed along this feedback to our development team, and you can see any new features being released here:

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • How do you expect clients to look up customers by company name? I'm not the only person running into this problem. I do a lot of work with schools and the customer name is often different year to year with school admin turnover, but I still want all the records for that school associated with the same customer profile.
  • Hello parawing742,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately, this is not currently an option. The best I can do right now is pass along this feedback to our development team.

    But please let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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    It's been three years and there still is no way to search customers in Checkfront except by first or last name.

    Right now I use a complex workaround where I export and sync the customer details to a separate shared spreadsheet so I can lookup customers when they call. Considering that a lot of business have a need to lookup past customers, I'm curious as to the progress of this functionality?
  • Hey @parawing742 - thanks for your feedback, and for letting us know that this is something that’s important to you. You are correct - we currently support searchability for system fields right now such as name, email, booking ID, etc, and not custom fields. As Chase noted in his earlier reply - we’ve passed over your feedback to our product and development teams for their review, but as this is not highly requested, there are no immediate plans for future development.

    Laura - Director of Technical Support, Checkfront 
  • How would you suggest I look up previous customers? Right now I sync the customer list to a Google Doc spreadsheet and use the spreadsheet to cross-reference for customer look up. All I need to be able to do is lookup customers by company name or by phone number.
  • Any business that has repeat customers needs this capability.  The only reason that people don't request this (or any other functionality) is that there is no central place where all requests are listed and we have an opportunity to upvote the requests.

    I have no idea what the list of enhancement requests is and I do not have hours and hours to read every single item in the forums to figure out if something has been requested or not.
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    yep, same issue for me here.
    The search field is very limited. TOO limited....
    Like Parawing said above, it is quite embarrassing CheckFront can't handle this basic type of research.

    I've been reading a few threads on the forum today, and I'm getting tired of the usual "Unfortunately, this is not currently an option. The best I can do right now is pass along this feedback to our development team. [...] but I cannot say when (or if) this change will be made." answers...

    especially when there isn't no public view on the roadmap...

    just saying....
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