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I'm rather surprised the iOS app doesn't offer notifications. At a minimum, there should be notification options for new bookings, but other options like cancellations, overbooking parameters triggered, purchases, and any other number of options to make the app more user-friendly for us mobile business owners. At best, it's a quick reference tool that provides somewhat incomplete information. It would be great to manage inventory from the app, as well, versus having to log in to a desktop. My $0.02.



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    Hi Nick,

    Feature requests are an important part of our ecosystem and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and insights as a mobile business owner. I agree that mobile notifications for iOS (and Android) would be very helpful! The new version of the mobile app is still young (released for the first time at the end of last summer) and I can also see how managing inventory would be helpful, I've heard that request myself at least a few times.

     I've sent your requests to our product team. New features tend to be added based on popular demand and what our product team decides will be the best improvements to the system for our userbase as a whole. 

    P.S. you can learn more about how we manage feature requests on this blog post written by our CEO

    Have a great weekend!

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    I'm also voting "yes" for this feature.
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