Which live chat software is the best?

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As in title. I am struggling with making a choice. Which software is the best one in your opinion?


  • hey,
    we use https://www.tidiochat.com/#visitors for our chat at zrce.eu 
    For 1 user its free, thats good for testing. We use it on our site to increase trust. For us its good and integration at wordpress is easy. 

  • HI Patrick,

    Thanks for writing in to the forums.

    We'll keep Tidio in mind as well in the future, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Thank you Angela for your suggestion. However I don't want to pay 37$ each week to have non-branded software :/ In my opinion paying even 13$ for a branded software is a way too much. I saw somewhere some good rewievs about https://www.livechatinc.com/ but I don't know if I can use it on checkfront? It's quite cheap, fully customizable and I am curious about it. Anyone checked it?
  • Hi, hard to say which one is the best. We are using www.limetalk.com which is really good.
  • We use LiveAdmins software for 3 years I am very happy to use this company live chat software very small fee to pay in start and software dashboard is simple and easy 100% recommended to use this software.
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