Check-in and vouchering/ticketing system (not promo codes)

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Why don't you implement a vouchering/ticketing system? You already have 2D bar code to encode in, which I think, looking at the demo needs to have higher resolution. A a "regular" bar code could also be added to the ticket.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but there seems to be no check-in at the back-end. You could also add some external check-in feature for external suppliers like hotels and tour operators to check validity of the voucher/ticket, the client information, as well as booking date. Something like an unbranded subdomain like "" with a simple interface (accesible via computer or cell phone) would also be a great addition.

Tour agencies, activity booking companies and accommodation resellers would really appreciate this features, adding value thought convenience and security features to their suppliers.


  • This would be perfect for our tour business. We would like to see some form of live check-in system by name or reservation.
  • I would also like this feature.....  Is this possible already Checkfront, or not?


  • Hello,

    We are currently looking at how to best work this into the system and have included it in upcoming feature list.   I'll provide more information (timeline etc) when I have it.

    Thanks for the great feedback!
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    You can now make use of our Checkin-in and Check-out feature.  More information here:
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