Why does the maintenance time setting occur before and after a booking?

IanIan Checkfront
edited August 2020 in Support Tutorials
People often wonder why there is a maintenance window on both the beginning and the end of a booking. Here is a scenario to help try and explain why this is configured this way so that it will work properly.

Let's assume that the maintenance day only happens at the end of the booking:
Our customer Gary makes a booking for the meeting hall on April 10th to April 12th. There is one maintenance day set to allow the cleaning crew to come in and prepare it for the next booking so this meeting hall will also be unavailable on April 13th.

Meanwhile, Jason books the meeting hall from April 5th until April 9th. Now, the maintenance day is supposed to be on April 10th but remember Gary already has a booking for that day. Now you don't have enough time to prepare and clean the meeting hall after Jason's booking ends and Gary's booking begins.

To solve this problem we place a maintenance day at the end of the booking and at the beginning of a booking so there will always be a maintenance day between bookings. The meeting hall can be booked from April 5th until April 8th and still have the 9th as the maintenance day in between the two bookings.

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