Query Item to get a list of events

Hi all,

I'm trying to query the Checkfront API but am struggling to formulate a query string that will return all of the details I need.

My aim is to get the start and end dates of all events linked to an item on Checkfront that will occur within the next year. At the moment my query is as follows: 
myinstance/api/3.0/item/{ItemId}/?start_date={20160311}&end_date=next year. 
If I run this query on an item that is allocated per day, it returns exactly what I need - at the end of the response is a list of events that will start in the next year. However, if I run the same query on a item that is allocated by timeslots, only events that are currently ongoing are returned, so any event that starts tomorrow or later is not in the list.

Is there a way that I can query an Item that has timeslots that will included all events beginning within the next year in the response?




  • Hi Lizzy,

    At present, timeslots are fundamentally different from all other item types, because they are currently designed to be single-day only. When you do a rated /item/ query that spans multiple days, the system interprets that as you wanting to book an item that starts and ends on the dates you specify, but that logic doesn't quite carry over to timeslots, as timeslot items currently don't "span" across days. Ultimately, that's probably what's making only the current events show up in your responses.

    Edge cases like these, particularly with API responses, are the reason why we haven't published the endpoints and documentation for the timeslot item units in the v3.0 API. A proper /events/ endpoint which would allow for display and configuration of events might be an idea for a future addition, perhaps for a v4.0 API.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help,


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