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Any way to create custom report?  I have a custom Layout>"Booking Form" field.  Can I use the ID / report label to generate this custom report.  In notifications ie: {$BOOKING_DETAILS} or in my case: custom ID (and report label) is: referred so {$REFERRED} to generate a report.  This "referred" ID is on the booking form as a way to track booking referrals.  The field is set up:
type: select
label: How did you hear about "company"?
report label: referred
ID: referred
Value: ------->
Options: ------->
Used Service Previously
Google Search
Google Advertisment
Facebook Page
Yelp Advertisement
Bing Search
Hotel Concierge or Front Desk
Rack Card


  • MitchMitch Checkfront
    Hi B2theP, thanks for reaching out on the Checkfront forums! 

    We don't currently have a custom report builder, but you can get the custom form field data from the Booking > Index report. If you click the "column" button and scroll down, you should be able to add any custom fields to the report and then export it. Do you think that will work for you?

    Warm regards,
  • Does not show the data in a readable way.  Does let us inspect the data, but in a way that is not friendly for metrics. 
  • Hi b2the02,

    Since the booking index is our most customizable option for reports, there is an option to export said data to file format of your choice. This should give you some more options to manage said data when under a file format. 

    You will find the export button under Booking -> Index on the top right of the screen next to the "Column" button Mitch mentioned. 

    Kind regards,
  • Also the Occupancy report needs to be a) customisable and b) exportable.
  • I also would like to see a custom report builder. The most important report I'm missing right now is a way to see how many bookings I've completed in a single month.
  • Ditto...We can't get any usable financial reports from the system.
  • RyanRyan Checkfront

    Hi Parawing742 and TurinoCaNica

    We haven’t yet added a way to build your own reports into Checkfront yet. But, I think that’s an awesome idea! Having it would definitely help various business types to build reports more specific to their needs. We’re not working on that at the moment but I’ll create a feature request for the Product team to keep in mind when they look to update the reporting section of Checkfront. If you have any other questions, just let me know at and I’ll be happy to help.

    Thanks, and have a great day!


    Checkfront Support Team

  • +1 to this request. Report customisation and scheduling.
  • +1 for me too -  this would be a huge help with budgeting.

    Thanks, Jay
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