Exporting Revenue Data

The reports are rather limited in scope and flexibility. Can we therefore have a simple data export facility which exports the revenue attributable to every item on every day. In Excel format that would allow 256 items and up to 65,000 or so days. From their we could manipulate the data to create any reports we wanted.


  • Most importamtly, it would break down the data to maximum granularity i.e. to each day. Therefore a 4 day booking would not see the entire amount of the booking attributed to the first day.
  • This would allow us to assess income and occupancy by day of the week, very important as we load our rates 60% at the weekend. Also to assess properties by 7 day periods not just by 1 month periods. Easter for instance is its own season and we need to assess it for pricing.
  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the clarification! I'd passed your request on to our product team. Please let us know if you have any other feature requests or feedback. 

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