Minimum Booking for first item in timeslot

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Is it possible to have an item require a minimum booking for the first reservation of a timeslot, then no minimum after that? For example, I've got my zip tours set up with hourly timeslots, can i required the first reservation of a tour have at least two people, but after that, single riders are allowed?


  • Hi Youngblood, thanks for reaching out on the Checkfront forums!

    We don't currently have any features that allow for limiting the parameters selected (riders) on only the first item selected in a booking with multiple items. Do you often have riders want to book single tickets after the first reservation?

  • My issue is having single riders that want to book at a tour time that does not have an other reservations, but I need at least two booked to make it worth running the tour. I can set the minimum to two in the item, but then it will always require two, even if there is only one space left.
  • Hi Youngblood,

    This is currently a limitation in Checkfront as we do not have a conditional way to automatically make a tour "Run" if an X amount of this item is booked. 

    This has definitely been a request to some and we are looking to see if this can be implemented in Checkfront. 

    I will move this thread to Feature Request for others who are looking for the same thing.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,
  • Thank you.
  • Looking forward for this feature as we also realy need it! ;)
  • Not sure how this feature request is coming along but I would love to bump this up :)
    Desperately need it for my shuttle business.
    So often I have a run to the airport with only one passengers and often at really early or late hours of the day. 
    A minimum spend restriction where I can apply at certain timeslots would really improve my business.
  • I would also like to see this feature advanced. We do mostly tours and need to limit the availability to a minimum number of bookings before the tour can run. Please update on what thoughts are at Checkfront. Thanks.
  • We would also like to see this feature, its quite important to us. Can someone from Checkfront give us an update on when this might be introduced? 
  • Hello zachanthony,

    And thank you, everyone, for your feedback and interest in this request.

    There are not any specific plans to implement such a feature at this time, though our team is trying to think of ways to best handle this request as it comes up fairly often. There are many different situations that could potentially need to be handled and trying to automate the process could lead to many problems. Not that a solution is impossible, but it could become very complicated, depending on the implementation.

    Currently, our development team is very focused on other projects, so it is likely that this request will not be addressed soon. But we always appreciate feedback from our clients, as this lets us know what needs are most important to our users.

    There are some options available that can help make this more manageable, such as inventory level notifications that can inform your when a certain number of bookings have occurred. But this will still be a very manual process right now, to confirm/cancel bookings based on the total quantity booked.

    I am sorry there is not a great solution for this requirement at this time, and please let me know if you have any questions or any more feedback about this feature.

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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    "Currently, our development team is very focused on other projects"

    When can we get to hear what's in the pipeline? The fact that there is no communication from Checkfront about future plans is frustrating. "Good idea, we'll look into it" and then no progress or communication year after year just doesn't work.
  • Hello @parawing742 - please keep an eye on your inbox for an email from our team. Thanks! 
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