Some bugs ?

Hello all.
I've been fiddling with Checkfront and looks very promising. I think I've found a couple of important bugs though.

1) When I've only one item in my bookings and if I want to remove it, that doesn't work. May be this is not such a big problem but there is another problem. If you have more than one item in your list (let's say 2) then if you delete one of them and then try to delete the last one and then go back and change your dates for the same item or choose another item, then the new item or dates doesn't come into the booking list but the one you tried to delete comes.

2)  When you go to Inventory, Items, Choose one item then click the "Advanced" tab and then attach, then "create a new option" it works but afterwards you can't see these items in the items list (e.g. if you'd like to delete them how you'll do this?).

3) A bigger problem: It seems like when you attach an item to another item (following exactly same steps above or you can choose the Attach Item from the list same problesm) Opt-in option doesn't work in the way it should work at all.

I think these are all important issues and would be great if they can be resolved.

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