Plan one item in multiple locations.


I've been testing Checkfront to replace our ageing booking system, and so far I've been really pleased with how flexible your system works! 

My company offers several different services, among which a series of courses. These courses take place in multiple locations, so e.g. "Introduction to iPad" in three of our locations. The way I've solved this is by using categories for the location, items for the course itself (unavailable by default) and item events for the actual planning. Unfortunately I then have to make one item for every location.r

However, my life would be infinitely more easy if I could assign one course (item) to multiple locations. That way the focus shifts to the planning of the courses, and not the creation of the items itself (we have a total of 23 courses that get planned in 10 locations) Is this something that could be implemented? 


  • Hi Sven,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Due to Checkfront's current state, it may not be possible but definitely something I can bring up to the dev team for discussion. At the moment, the best and easiest solution for this is the copy button that we do have in Checkfront. When editing an item, you can hit the "More" option at the bottom right of the page. There, you will find a copy button capable to completely cloning the said item. 

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