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We have some digital signage throughout our facilities which we would like to use for displaying a list of rooms that have been booked. Exporting our Daily Bookings List as an XML file by hand is great however it would be even better if it could be exported on schedule. Does anyone know of any tools to accomplish such a thing?



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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We currently do not have this feature in Checkfront but will be checking with our dev team to see the possibilities of auto exporting. Note that this request may or may not be added in the system as a feature and will all be based on the company direction moving forward and also our development team's decision. 

    If you could provide a better explanation on what you'd like to see in Checkfront, we'll be more than happy to add that to the request.

    I will update you more on this request if any progression makes traction. 

  • Aaron,

    any updates on this request? business intelligence through reports that can be automated, scheduled and sent via email is an amazing tool for business operators. 
  • Hi there,

    Thanks for checking in.

    At the moment we have no further updates on the above feature request.

    We understand that it can be very helpful for your business, but development time needs to prioritize features that are more in demand.

    Best regards,
  • any update on this? this is a glaring omission from the checkfront backend. it's 2019 this is basic feature most businesses look for. i'm sure you get emailed reports on your sales etc. please update this
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    Hi @redcliffcampsite,

    Thank you for contributing to our Forums!

    While I don't have any updates to report to you on our existing feature request that suggests we add functionality to support scheduled reporting exports, I'd like to learn more about your particular scenario.

    When it comes to bookings, it's often that they can be edited up until the end of the booking and sometimes even after. Does your particular workflow involve a certain cutoff so that bookings cannot be edited or added before each start date?

    Automatic exports would be directly affected by how you allow for booking changes. For example, if I schedule the Daily List to export every Sunday evening for the upcoming week, if related bookings are edited, cancelled, added after Sunday evening the report becomes inaccurate.

    I'd love to learn more about your thoughts on how scheduled exporting would impact your workflow and if any of the possible above limitations could play a part -- all great information that I can relay over to our Product team for review.

    Please give us a shout at if you have some time to provide further insight.

    Talk to you soon,
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  • Very informative post. I really do hope and pray this stuff works!
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