Lightbox Booking

Forgive me if this already exists, but is there a way to put my code into wordpress so that it opens a tour booking page in a Lightbox on the same page?


  • Hi Drew,

    Thanks for participating in the Checkfront forums! Do you mean when a customer goes to a tour booking page, the pop-up instantly opens to continue with the booking? Any additional information you can provide is helpful.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Yeah basically - so if a customer hits our "Book Now" buttons scattered across the page, it stays on that page and pops up the booking system rather than redirecting them to another booking page.  There are a few systems that do this - check out or ;

    If you click their book now buttons, a lightframe pops up instead of redirecting you.


  • Hi Drew,

    At the moment, we currently do not have that but we do have our booking page that works somewhat to this as it is an integrated booking page that you can add within your website. It's not a button that turns into a booking page, but a booking page right as you load the page. 

    If this is not what you're looking for, I'd be happy to send in a feature request for you.


  • Hellow! I know there is a booking page that works a bit with this. This is an integrated booking page that you can add a website to. Unfortunately, this is not a button, but immediately the booking page on page load.
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