Overview of all bookings of a specific customer


I have a customer (catering company) that is making a lot of bookings for my event venues.
I would like to give them a nice overview of all bookings they have done, with status and comments (what client they have booked it for). I cannot find an easy way to give them this online.

Today in the Booking index checkfront.com/booking/index/ there is a nice booklet option to create such a report for all customers.

I would like to have a similar booklet, but then just for 1 customer, with a link to that booklet that I can give in a 'public' URL to them.
Or something similar...

All idea's welcome


  • Hi Hendrik,

    Thanks for your feedback! 

    We'd be happy to take your feature request and add it to our list of features the dev will be reviewing. Do note that these requests will still need reviewing as to whether it will be added to the system or not.

    We'll update you if any response comes in for this request.

    Kind regards,

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