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Can we add a feature for customers to add items to their booking when they are at the checkout page? I want to use this as one last opportunity for upselling items and also to sell items such as a damage waiver. I have a party rental business and want to give my customers an opportunity to purchase a damage waiver; only one damage waiver needs to be purchased for the entire order.

I know I can just make the damage waiver an item but our customers wont think or know to add it unless it's presented to them. If it's not presented to them they wont purchase it.

I know I can also set up a package for every item that includes a damage waiver but that wont work because if someone has multiple items that they are going to book it'll show a damage waiver for every item but only one damage waiver is required for the entire order, no matter how many items are being booked.

I believe every type of business would benefit from this feature. A lot of use have items that apply to an entire order and everyone will benefit from another upselling opportunity.

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for reaching out on the forums! 

    Are you aware of the "add to booking" button on the booking checkout page? Seen here:

    Is this similar to what you are describing? If not, can you provide a bit more information about what you'd like to see added vs a feature like the "add to booking" button that allows customers to choose additional items to their booking?

  • Hello Mitch,

    Thank you for the response. The main reason to put certain "add ons" in the shopping cart vs. just hoping someone uses the "add to booking" button is there are certain items that customers wont think to add to there booking unless its presented to them. For certain types of items customers wont think/know to go find it and add to their booking.

    Example: Someone books a bounce house rental and cotton candy machine. They don't know that we offer the opportunity to purchase a damage waiver for their booking unless I tell them they can purchase it. If the damage waiver is offered at the checkout page (after they select their bounce house and/or other items) they are more likely to purchase it.

    If you notice on some other websites, there will be a "suggested add ons" presented to customers. In my case, I can suggest a damage waiver or other items like tables and chairs at a discounted price. This is a great upselling opportunity that I would like to take advantage of. After doing extensive research on party rental systems this was one thing I saw that other systems offered.

    In conclusion, I'm looking for an opportunity for more upselling. Research has shown that when you present customers with "suggested add ons" they are more likely to purchase.

    Thank you,
  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the reply.

    We also do package add-ons in Checkfront. This allows you to add additional items inside other items as optional choices. Try it yourself! 

    1. Create a damage waiver item

    2. Go to your main item that you sell

    3. Go to "Packages" tab and "Attach Item"

    To test: 

    1. Go to the booking page

    2. Select the main item you've added the optional choice to and hit continue

    Let me know if this is sufficient for your needs.

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