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I'm using the PHP library to create new bookings from Wordpress/WooCommerce, and it's working great except they all come in as Reserved (instead of Pending, or some other preliminary state).  I don't see in the docs how to specify what status to use on the new booking?


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    Hi weetravel, thanks for reaching out on the Checkfront forums!

    The booking status will be whatever the default status is set on your account at Manage > Setup > Configuration. However, immediately after creating the booking (using the API) you can send a request to "booking/ID/update" to change the status. The code could look something like this:

        public function changeStatusToReserved($id) {
    	$data   = [
    	    'status_id' => 'HOLD'
    	$status = $this->checkfront->post( 'booking/' . $id . '/update', $data );
    	return $status;
  • Hi
    i am looking developer for integrate API booking system for my website airport parking

  • Hi airportparking4u,

    Thanks for your comment.   I would recommend posting your own discussion thread to discuss what you need the API to do to ensure that your request is being seen.  


    Aaron B.
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