Allow some items to be paid in full on reservation

I have a challenge ahead of me where I need to allow one item (full day) to be paid in full on reservation, another item (multiple day) to require two days payment on reservation.


  • Hi tomcat,

    Thanks for your message and for reaching out on the forums!

    At this time, Checkfront has functionality that will allow you to have flexibility when it comes to setting up different deposit options.

    By adjusting a global default setting (Manage > E-Commerce > Settings) that takes an 100% percentage deposit at the time of booking instead of charging the full amount, you will be able to set variable deposit options. 

    The trick will be to override this newly-established (maximum) percentage on an item-by-item basis. Visiting the Pricing tab of the item wizard after this setting change will allow you to set up your custom deposits as needed. Think of it like deposits “on demand.”

    Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help with your deposit system!

    Kind regards,

    Aaron Brook
    Checkfront Support Team
  • Thanks for that! I managed to set the required payments mostly as described. I still need to find a way to limit the multi day to only 2 days payment instead of all days. The five day was no problem as it allowed me too set two days. A multi day can be anywhere from 2 days to many days.
  • Hi tomcat-tech,

    At the moment, the deposit amount is still based on the items alone rather than the days in which a person books for. I can create a feature request on your behalf so that our dev team can review this feature. Do note that feature request are not a guarantee that it will be created.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,
  • Sounds good. I may be able come up with a work-around for my project. Thanks again.
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