Driving directions within app

Much like the ability to send a text message from within the app it would also be beneficial if you could get directions from within the app.  As it is now you can click the "airplane" icon to bring up the option to view the address on a map but for those of us who deliver, being able to get directions from that map would be an excellent option.


  • Hi Bouncer,

    Thanks for writing into the Checkfront forums.

    I can't actually see the viability of adding this into the Checkfront app. Most iOS and Android devices already have navigation software, and since an address is listed and viewable on a map, you can just open up a directions app like Apple Maps or Google Maps and actually get proper directions.

    The resources required for directions app is a lot, and there are better alternatives for direction apps.

  • A consolidated delivery address option on checkfronts side is what we need.  As iOS and Android will recognize the address and open maps.  The issue is that customer_address, customer_city... then prepend to a nominal "address" above the reservation line.  Any "delivery_address" sits below in the reservation and is prefaced with the field editor line label.   
  • Hi b2the02, 

    Thanks for your comments here. I can see how it would be beneficial to have predefined system fields for a delivery address that the iOS and Android devices would be given when opening the maps instead of the fields customer_address, customer_city, etc.

    I'll pass on your feedback and request to our product team!

  • The app helps direct for the driver which is so useful, with the app we will not be afraid of getting lost, especially when traveling on foreign streets.
    driving directions maps
  • Hello SimonMayers,

    Thanks for the feed back regarding the app. This has been passed on to our developers and productions team.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions. 
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