Messaging within app

The mobile app has been very useful for us for referencing on the go.  2 features that would greatly enhance it would be to add the option to send a text message from within the app.  As it is now you can send an email which is great but for delivery purposes a text message option would be much more useful.  


  • Hi Bouncer,

    Thanks for writing in the Chekfront forums.

    That is a pretty good idea, but you have to realize that the Checkfront App is for bookings and not a delivery app. It could be useful, but the resources involved in implementing it could very well far outweigh the amount of users that would actually use it.

    Feature requests are an important part of our ecosystem, and are used to help prioritize our development roadmap. That said, requests alone do not define how the product advances. As this is a shared platform, we need to take into careful consideration how each new feature will impact all of our customers), read more here:

    But, in consideration that it will be helpful to you, I have submitted a feature request for it. There is no guarantee if it will be implemented, or when, but it has been submitted.


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