Use mailchimp template for notifications


I was messing with my notifications today and I tried to copy a complete html template into the notifications. At first sight everything works fine but when I receive the email in my inbox it looks different than the template (not centered for example).

Since you are using mandrill to send the notifications I was wondering if it wouldn't be possible to let people import templates? If not, is there a best practice on how to use mailchimp templates in the notifications? I would like my mails to be stylish and to support mobile view as well..



  • Hi Jebuske,

    Thanks for writing in the forums.

    The notifications are straight up HTML notifications, so if it isn't centered, I suspect it might have to do with styling rules not being imported since you are copying an HTML template, which could require restricted styles.

    What that means is, it is very likely that mailchimp has setup CSS styling for their templates, that cannot be used in other places without the proper CSS files/rules.

    In your case, I would suggest taking a look at the HTML and see if there are any CSS files included in the notification, because if there are, they won't be imported. (Obviously because the files are on MailChimp servers and not on Checkfront).

    Regarding importing templates from MailChimp, it wouldn't really be possible since that requires permission from MailChimp and there could be licensing issues.

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