Multiple Wordpress Droplets On One Page

Hey Guys -  

I'm remaking our "Book Now" Page and when I add multiple droplets into one page, but in different text elements, there seems to be an error. Whichever code I insert last, it just presents that tour first, and the rest just say "searching availability. 

Please please help!


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    edited February 2016
    Hi Drew,

    Multiple WP codes don't work at the moment. Our work around for adding multiple booking pages under one page would be using one WP short code, and the following booking pages, in Droplet. 

    Test this out and let us know if you find any further problems.

  • Is there any possibility of this in the future?
  • Hi Drew,

    There is a possibility that the WP plugin will be revamped to allow multiple short codes under one page but this is something that will take time for our dev team to review and see where it fits within the roadmap. 

    I'll create a feature request for this so our dev team can review this feature.


  • I second this. We want to create a lot of combination packages for our tours under multiple labeled accordion tabs to ease our users' attention, but the issue hampered our progress.
  • It is possible to add multiple droplets on a page. The droplet code that checkfront provides has a DIV element to which the script attaches itself. You simply need to have unique names for the DIV elements to have multiple droplets on a page. Change both the CHECKFRONT_WIDGET_01 in the droplet code to CHECKFRONT_WIDGET_02 for the second droplet and so on for each additional droplet. 
  • Hi there, I did what ftariq recommended up there but was wondering if there had been any development regarding the wordpress plugin. I am experiencing issues with the workaround offered by ftariq. I am currently trying to debug it (maybe something to do with cloudflare or a cache) but would still like to know if this feature of the wordpress plugin has been developed or is in the tube ;) Thanks for your feedback!
  • Update: one of my plugins was the reason the workaround above did not work, all sorted ... thanks ftariq
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