Email Delivery Interruption

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Hi folks,

Several customers have been writing in to inquire about notifications.  Our mail server is currently experiencing some issues as mentioned below.

Delivery Delays

Currently, some of our servers are experiencing a load-related issue. In order to mitigate the impact they have queued mail, however no mail has been lost and all queued mail will be delivered in the order it was queued. Engineers are continuing to monitor the servers to prevent further interruptions.

We will continue to monitor this issue and will report back when it's been resolved.



Checkfront Support Team


  • email service is facing delevey issues, so you can opt other way to inform or send information to your clients like bulk sms service, it helps you to send no. of sms in a single click, without any intruption
  • Hi Maya,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    That is a good idea, but you have to look at this in a more "Global" way. Not all of our customers are using their phone numbers, or have their phone numbers in the Checkfront system. Along with that, we do not know if texting or SMS costs them money or not.

    We will also have to have an "Opt-in" system for such things as well.

    It might work for local companies, but for us, it is really not a solution.

    We do have our reporting system though, and that is

    That site will always be up with upto date information about the servers, and will report any outage as well.

    Hope that makes sense.

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