Webhook for item updates

Would be possible to have webhook notifications for updates on the items catalog?


  • checkfront_aaroncheckfront_aaron Checkfront Team
    Hi Brutuscat,

    This might be possible with the "deposit" status if you will be adding items within the invoice. Otherwise, the only other way to do it would be to create a custom status under Manage -> Layout -> Statuses and change your invoice to your custom status everytime you change the invoice. You can then use this status for your webhooks as well.

    More info on webhooks can be found here: http://api.checkfront.com/ref/notifications.html?highlight=webhooks

  • @checkfront_aaron thanks, but I was not referring to invoices at all. I would like to get a webhook notification whenever I create/update/remove an item (a product) so to get it in sync with other systems of mine. Currently, as you showed me, notifications are only for booking data.
  • moon_checkfrontmoon_checkfront Checkfront Team
    Hi Brutuscat,

    Thanks for replying.

    I would suggest you send this question over to support@checkfront.com, we'll be able to better assist you there.

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