Setting quantity for tour and total maximum booking

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Hi i'm a tour guide and i think it could be intresting to have possibility to set the total amount of tours that i xould like to sell for a timeslot;  at the same time, i would like to  set up also the maximum total booking( if i have adults, children and baby i need to set the total amount of clients who can book a tour ).That means if i have 4 guides i can book for the same timeslot 4 tour and each tour can have 15 or 20 or more or less maximum booking.

Do you think it could be usefull? 

Many little or medium agency have not too many guide and this implementation i think could be really usefull to create the rights limits


  • Hi Simone,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I'd be happy to create a feature request on your behalf for having a qty parameter for each timeslot in an item. If you are currently looking for a workaround, you can manipulate the qty of each timeslot by going to Calendar -> Inventory. Pick the item and the date and click on the box corresponding to your choice. You will then be able to change the stock of specific timeslots.

    I will also create a feature request or add you to the existing FR for allowing you to set a rule for maximum for the overall parameters of each item. 

  • thank you! What does it mean? these features requests are directly created in the next versions or i need waiting someting?
  • Hi Simone,

    Feature requests are tracked and reviewed by our dev team for approval. When approved, they will then be added in the things to do in our roadmap. 

    You can read more here about Feature Request:

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