Im a courier company here in Mexico. It would be perfect if you add a feature in which a client can sign that he recieved the package.
So when the client looks at the booking he can know who recieve it and has the signature. Similar as what fedex, dhl etc... do.



  • Hi Jonasesses1,

    Thanks for posting!

    We value all the suggestions and feedback we receive to help us improve the client experience for all of our clients, and while we don't offer a feature that exactly fits what you're looking for, we can always pass these suggestions along to the dev team to assess for future features to Checkfront.

    I can make a recommendation however. We do have companies that have requested a similar type feature to the one you're looking for, and what they tend to do is create a custom field on their booking forms that's left blank for when the drivers drop off their deliveries to the customers. This way you would at least have a signed copy to show a client if they ever requested that from you. 

    If you'd like some information on how to set up a custom booking field on your invoice, you can take a look at our help article here:

    If you need any further assistance with setting it up, please let us know at!

    Best Regards,
  • thanks... the thing is i need the actual signature or the possibility to upload a image.
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