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Hi, I'm currently using the checkfront api on my outdoor adventure based website, and have built a custom booking UI and plugin for my wordpress site and would like to know the following.


1. I need to add a select field in the booking UI to allow users to choose a pick up location, from multiple pick up locations and would like to know if I need to accomplish this using the API, and if not how can I implement it without. As an example on the page above, users need to select the item date, qty, lift tickets, and gear rentals, and then go to a site registration page, and then directly to checkout and payment page, so I'm not using the booking form in the process.

2. The date format on my checkfront locale settings is set to use month, date, year which is the format Id like to use but when my developer built the booking UI he said that he wasn't able to pull the currently used date format in my settings without causing problems with the API so its currently displaying date, month, year for now. Is there a fix for this that you can assist us with?  

3. Is there a feed for the gift certificates add on which was recently released? Id like to explore the possibility of adding it to my booking UI as well.   


  • If you have a booking form field set up, you can submit that information to a booking the same way you would any form data.  If the selections available are relatively simple, you can use a standard booking form select field to store them in the system and load them up from booking/form, otherwise you can always just build a list in your own script, display a select box, and submit the input to any standard form field.  

    A number of endpoints (such as item) do include formatted dates in the response for display purposes.  The company endpoint includes specific information on your locale settings (including your selected date format), but the API itself doesn't create a reliance on any particular format -- it is recommended you use ISO 8601 date strings for input (YYYYMMDD, e.g. 20160112), though it can accept your selected custom date format input, and since the client display of the dates is performed on your end, you can display dates in any manner you desire.

    Gift certificates aren't available for full use through the API at the moment, unfortunately.  It's possible support may be added later in the year, but it's not currently on the immediate roadmap.
  • Thanks for the information! working on this with my developer right now.
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