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Is it possible to get a link to an individual item? I would like to be able to add an items link to a photo and be able to click on a photo in our regular website and have the Checkfront item come up in a new window for instance. I have not seen that capability yet but it may be very useful.


  • Hi tom,

    You can do this by adding extra details to the URL for example:

    Adding an specific item:****

    You can find the item id of an item inside Inventory -> Items. 

  • thanks that worked well. I'll test it some more.

  • edited January 2016

    For those who want to create further URL customizations to an item, I found I had to specify the category the item belonged to as well to go right to the item:

  • Hi tom,

    You can find more variables by going to Manage -> Addons -> Website Integrations -> Hosted Booking Page. Changing any of the options in this page will give you the URL needed (see here:

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