Tours allocated to Tour Guide

The hardest part for us and the best feature we can think of is to add the feature to allocate each tour to a particular guide. Where it is color coded, name, anything so that a guide can log in to checkfront and see what tours they are doing. Without this feature, there's always room for confusion. It would be AMAZING. We tried a work around you suggested and just complicated and messed up our bookings so don't want to try and do that again. Hoping with all the tours and companies that surely have tour guides that this could be an important feature that other people would like. Imagine guides getting an e-mail with their upcoming tours and requirements.


  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi there, We are currently working on a staff/guide assignment feature which would accomplish this for you. I don't have any dates or time frames for the release of this at this, but it is definitely in the works. Stay tuned! You can follow our updates here Cheers,
  • Hi Ravenna, would you mind sharing the work around for this until the feature is complete?

    We have a number of tours that run daily and it would be really useful to allocate tour guides to each one.
  • Hi Gareth,

    One possible work around would be to create your tour guides as individual items (no pricing and visible to staff only). You can then create email notifications that only apply to these items (Manage -> Notifications). The goal of this setup is to add the tour guide item (whoever the tour guide will be) for the particular invoice. Once added, our automatic email notifications will then send an email to your staff regarding this invoice which will give them the information (Who will be participating, When, Which Tour, etc). 

    I hope this is a clear solution. Let us know if you need durther assistance.

  • hi could you tell me if this is any closer as it would be amazing!

  • Hi Dufosse,

    Thanks for writing into the forums.

    I'm not sure if this works for you, but we do have "Item and Category Access Restrictions" as a new set of permissions for partners.

    This allows you to allocate certain items and categories to certain partners, and they will only be able to see those items and categories.

    See here, under permissions, for more details -->

    To enable this, you will have to go to "Manage -> Partners -> Account Settings". This can also be done for Staff accounts.

    Hope that helps.

  • This would be SUCH A GOOD FEATURE. Also - maybe I'm just confused, but I'm not sure how the above post would help?
  • Here's the work around I was thinking of implementing.

    1. Customer books a general item online.
    2. Staff members have been set up as individual items but hidden. One week before the customer's booking their general item is changed to the item that is the staff member allocated. The customer will receive a notification with the staff item photo and profile.
    3. As I have limited staff member accounts I was thinking about giving all the staff partner accounts with limited access. I would then set up notifications with each staff partner account linked to their own staff item. So when the customer's general item is changed to a staff member item the staff member in question will also receive a notification via their partner account. Now both the customer and the staff member have each other's details.

    My staff are actually contractors so I'm hoping this system will work well for them to receive the necessary information to then communicate directly with the customer.

    I'm also thinking about having a combined staff account for my contractors with limited access. They can then log in each week and via Inventory they can put in the hours they are available to work. I will have up to 60 contractors during our busy period so I really don't want to be updating their availability each week. Their availability will be by the hour so it's a lot of work for one person to update everyone. I will change the login password monthly so only current staff/contractors will have access. Is there anyway for partner accounts to access and amend inventory with access to specific items only?

    Do you think this work around will work? Is there a way to allow partner accounts to amend availability on the item specific to them without access to other items? My current understanding is staff accounts can amend availability and partner accounts can view but not amend items?


  • I'm delighted to find this thread! I've been needing the same type of allocation. We run a cloth nappy library and volunteers have a number of loan kits. I need to let people know what to post and what goes where -the more that happens automatically for me the better (as it's voluntary and time consuming). 

    Keep me posted on updates! There must be a similar issue for those booking guests into rooms! There could be a drop down list for bookings to be allocated to available rooms/kits/guides etc. and notifications it doesn't sound all that different to adding items -a matter of checkfront renaming functions so that we understand the interface a bit differently -"adding an item to a booking" becomes "allocating a booking to an item".

    it would be great!!
  • Just trying to bump this back up! We need this feature!
  • Hi maggisam,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Our dev teams are working hard getting our features perfect for release. We're definitely listening to your shout outs here at the forums and we will be releasing updates note here:

    We'll keep you posted here with our latest features to go live!


  • Looking forward to this feature as well!
  • Any news on this? We run a fleet of motorhomes that we'd like to allocate hires to registration plates automatically. This would be a very handy feature.
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    Hi BrianM,

    Our developers are still working on the feature, and we are very close to releasing it. 

    Please keep updated and look forward to it in the coming months here:

    Best regards,
  • I hope you are making this more generic in nature.  We need Package Items to decrement the main Item Inventory account but not for Tour Guides.  We have a widget that we can only produce a certain amount of in any given time slot.  But the client can order different types of the widget.  I expected to be able to set up the Group Item with the max Inventory count and then have the Package members decrement this as clients placed orders...but no go. So far we have not found any way to control that and now have no way to control the orders from our clients and manage our capacity.  So whether you are a Transportation company with limited vehicles, a tour company with limited guides or a bakery with a limited capacity, the requirement is all basically the same. And of course being able to query/report on the Package Parent Item or the Group members.
  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We've added you to the list and we're hoping to release this very soon.

    We'll keep you updated with any information pertaining to the request.

  • Hi Support

    This thread is really useful, however the suggested approach does not quite work for us.   The situation we have is that we offer tours where up to a fixed number of bookings are received.  Each tour can have one or two guides allocated (depending on the type of tour) and we would like a way to allocate our guides to the tours so that the guides can log in and see when they are scheduled to work, and to change this if they are not available.  So allocating the guides to a booking does not work for us.

    Can you give an indication of what features you are planning for this and the likely timing of these being available?

    I am considering doing the following and would appreciate feedback on this:
    1. create a new item type called 'guide' that can only be booked and seen by staff and has no cost 
    2. for each tour create a booking for each guide using this item type - the guide is then listed as the customer
    3. the guides can then log in and use the customer calendar view to see when they are rostered on,  the pax list we print for the tours can also include the guides. 
  • Hi LyndaKamstra,

    Thanks for writing into the forums.

    We can't give any specific details on the features for the solution we are developing at the moment, but the introduction of allocating resources to "guides" etc. is one of the key points. There is currently no ETA on when the system will be available.

    Regarding what you are looking to do, it is possible, but you would need to create the guides as a Staff account instead of a customer account, as only Staff Accounts have access to the customer calendar. Other than that, it should work, with some manual effort.

    Best regards,
  • HI Angela, 

    I'm somewhat following this method, but is there a way to do it to where a guide is schedule for different tours? e.g., Guide 1 is on tour A, guide 2 is on tour b?
  • Any updates on when this feature request will be implemented?
  • Hi rmphotoadventures,

    Thanks for reaching out and passing along your interest in this feature.

    I'm afraid that it hasn't been added yet, and I don't have a timeline for when it might be added. Our team is currently working on this solution. We appreciate all the feedback regarding the need for this feature, and I have added your name to this list of those who are waiting to see this feature added.

    Best regards,


    Checkfront Support Team
  • Any updates here? 
  • Hello Drew,

    Thanks for using our forums.

    Unfortunately, I do not have any updates for this. The feature is still being worked on. You can stay current with any new features being released here:

    Best Regards,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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    We also need this feature. Thanks
  • Hoping something can be done to easily assign a tour operator or staff member from a simple drop down menu once the booking has been made. This thread has been going on for some time so I won't anticipate it to come any time soon.  
  • I really need this feature too, but considering nothing has been done on it for years now, I wouldn't count of it ever getting finished. I'm looking for new software too that better targets the tours/rentals usage.
  • Hi, I wonder if here is any further development on this feature request? It would be useful for us as well. Is it realistic to expect it soon? If not, could you please help on the best workaround. Thank you, jana
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    Jana, Considing this feature has been in development for many years without even a hint at completion, I wouldn't count on it being done anytime soon. Even some very basic bugs I reported years ago haven't been fixed yet. I too need the ability to assign bookings to a staff member and the workaround adds a lot of time to managing bookings. If you need to assign tours to staff, you'd best wait until Checkfront actually releases it or find a different service.
  • Hi Jana (and everyone following this thread),

    We are currently in development of staff assignment and is part of the Resource Management update coming soon. We have no release dates yet but have goals to release the feature of Resource Management in small increments to ensure the stability of current Checkfront accounts who are receiving bookings. This update will ultimately change the way you set up items that will allow current workarounds to work properly without needing a workaround.

    At the moment, there are a couple of workarounds that I've seen revolving staff assignments but would love to discuss your business further (over the phone if possible) so I can provide you with the best workaround to suit your needs. 

    Feel free to email us at if you would like to schedule a call.

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    Considering this has been "definitely in the works" for three years now, can you at least give us a clue as to if we're talking a year or so before release or if it will be an another three or more years? People like myself that are looking to move to other software because of Checkfront's lack of Tour-friendly features need to be able to determine if they can wait it out. The suggested workarounds are far too complex and time-consuming for my purposes.
  • Hello maggisam,

    Thank you for using our forums, and for your continued patience in regards to this feature/update.

    Resource Management is still being worked on. I know this is something that has been 'in progress' for a few years now, but I can confirm that this is no longer something that is being planned or scoped; our development team is actively working on implementing this feature. I still cannot give a definite date for when it will be ready, but the current intention is later this year. 

    There will be more information released as we get closer to completing this update, so hopefully, we will have some more solid news to share soon.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • It's probably not appropriate to discuss competitors on this forum, but I agree Checkfront hasn't kept up with the industry. There's a big opportunity here if someone (hopefully Checkfront) can get themselves to the place where they provide a complete solution for the businesses they are targeting.
  • I would love to see checkfront step up and focus on their core product. They have the basis for an amazing product but seem to be distracted by every new shiny toy.  I am totally unclear what business/market segment they are targeting. They seem to be trying to deliver a little bit to every type of rental, transportation, tour and hotel company but without any full solution to anyone. 

    But they are probably off developing a new Payment Processor to compete with Stripe. Because every one knows that they needed to spend years of development resources to deliver Site Builder. The world definitely needed another WordPress. That was obviously more important than putting some solid effort into their core product.
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hey Team!  

    I believe some of this was addressed in this thread, but please let us know if you have other questions not answered there. 

    Maggisam, we are certainly aware of recent changes and, of course, we have our eyes on this. However, this does not affect our steady progress towards our goals of releasing resource management changes. 

    TurismoCaNica, Site Builder! Yes, we delivered this new product to ensure all Checkfront users had the opportunity to optimize their website bookings and and truly unify their website with their booking system. Rest assured, this project ran simultaneously with the work that has been ongoing on our core application. 

    For those that may have missed that, you can learn more about Site Builder here

  • Steady progress? Not one thing released on resource management in many, many years. Three years ago it was "definitely in the works" according to you. Prediction: It's not gonna happen this year either. Please prove me wrong.
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    Site builder???...Yes you diverted a significant portion of your resources (or added more that could have been making better progress on CheckFront) to develop a separate product totally unrelated to your core product. I have been waiting 2 years for some critical items and not a single one has been addressed, much less even promised. But yet you had the time and resources to building something that is already available many times over in the market?

    We continue to spend time in workarounds that don't really work, as well as correcting mistakes we make or the system makes, or not being able to do what a client needs and in many cases, losing money because of what the system does/does not do or errors we do not catch in time.

    You say this has been addressed in the other thread? That thread is now 6 months old and you have not provided a single tidbit of what you are truly working on in the current release much less anything remotely resembling a road map for the next 6-18 months. Not even a known list of defects, much less a list of which defects are being worked on. So no, it certainly has not been addressed.

    I also offered to help you understand and develop use cases for our type of business but that has not happened either.
  • *crickets*

    It's hard to believe that Checkfront is actually planning on making any major improvements going forward. Nothing significant has happened in nearly four years except releasing new products like Site Builder.
  • Just adding to this thread after initial query a year or two ago - really really need this feature.  Our partners and competitors all have systems that use guide allocation that our guides are used too using so this is really begining to become a problem :( .   Please give an estimate of date (ie. this year or further in future) as we are looking into how we can better manage our guides' agendas.   Thanks.  
  • News please. When is this coming? I have to do a massive amount of admin to balance all our trips, we keep getting double bookings and having to beg my staff to work when they have taken leave because Checkfront still does not have resource management. Please make it work very soon
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi SteveV, 

    While I'm unable to provide you with a set date for this release, I can say that our team has made much progress towards it in the last quarter. Our immediate goal in the next quarter is to begin testing some of these core changes with our customers to ensure that we've meet the basic needs of these business models. 

    If you are needing/waiting for updates that allow you to control for assets and staff, please (if you haven't already done so) contact our support team to be added to our list of customers for feedback and beta testing. Please note: there is limited space for these discussions and not all customers will be contacted to participate in every step. 

    If you are not able to talk with us, your input is still incredibly valuable. We read and use every use case you send us, so please keep them coming! You can send these to our support team Attn: Product  

  • Just checking to see if there's any update on this?
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