Preservation of Tab and Check-out date selections from initial line after use of Add to Booking icon

To cater for the complexities of our rate structure our booking form requires the use of the Add to Booking icon for each new line item (line 1 for Adults, line 2 for 13-16 years etc.) on a booking form/invoice. In addition a customer must select from two tabs – member or non-member when making a booking.

After making the initial tab selection and Check-in & Check-out date selections on the first line of the booking the initial tab and Check-in & Check-out date selections are not preserved after the Add to Booking icon is selected. The need to reselect the tab and reset the Check-out date is annoying for the customer and unfortunately opens up the possibility of user error if they are not vigilant making their second and any subsequent line item additions to the booking form.

To avoid this problem could Checkfront developers please consider offering preservation of the initial lines Tab and Check-out dates when using the Add to Booking icon?
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