Payment by bank-transfer

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we are operating in europe. Here bank transfer is the most used way to pay.

Our payment setup is "Do not process payments online, just take reservations." Then we send an invoice with checkfront with our bank account number and also the credit card payment link.

The problem is that we can not setup that we only want to have a downpayment after booking. For example, payment conditions 30 % after booking, final payment 6 week for arrival. But I dont want that the customer have to calculate the due amount by itself... Does anyone have an idea how to setup this?

If not it is a feature request to bring bank transfer payment a little bit more in focus :-)

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  • Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the Feedback!

    I've moved your post to our feature request section so that other people looking for bank transfers may also find this post. We already have an ongoing request in regards to bank transfers and have added your name into the list of people looking for this feature. We hope to bring this feature to you and we'll update you on any information about this feature.

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