Setting up dynamic timeslots

I have a client who sells rides in a sportscar to tourists in a major city. We're currently thinking about using Checkfront as a booking system. The main difficulty is that there are no fixed timeslots people can book because he has three different 'drive formulas': 20, 40 and 60 minutes.

For instance: the first client books a 40 minute ride at 1 pm. The ride itself combined with the legal talk and the car introduction takes a total of 80 minutes. That means the next available slot to show on the website is 1pm + 80 minutes, 2.20pm. Is there a way the available timeslots are generated dynamically, every time a booking has been made? So there are no fixed timeslots, only dynamic ones in function of what has been booked that day?


  • Hi David,

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    We can see that you've submitted a ticket to support with your questions, and we've got our agents working on an answer for you. The time slots are Checkfronts newest feature available, although it sounds like what you might need to set for your items would be what we call the "maintenance" to block out a period of time after the initial booking frame, due to the dynamic nature of your rentals.

    We'll do a bit of testing, and get an answer back to you shortly!

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send them in to

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  • Same here. I am with a canoe rental company. We currently offer two excursions which are two hours and four hours long. We would love a system where people can choose their preferred excursion and how many canoes and/or kayaks they want to rent and have fixed price points set for each item depending on the excursion. Has this feature been added yet or is it something planned for the near future?
  • Hi Mccr,

    Thanks for writing into the forums. 

    This feature is supported in Checkfront right now with the "Timeslots" allocation.

    See here under "Allocation" for more information -->

    Hope that helps.

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