Checkfront custom API development

We have a checkfront installation on this page look at the bottom of the page. We like the hero page grid layout for the second level but would initially like to instigate a better system for the upcoming retreats which at the moment are in a rather basic long list.

We MUCH prefer the tradional checkfront booking system display for this something similar to this This is from something I quickly set out on a trial but to give you an idea. Here we have the calendar on the left with the available upcoming events on the right. We don't want to give them too much information here as we want them to drill down to the hero style grid system quickly so this would only be on the upcoming events screen. To take this into account would most likely want to lose the 'availability' and the 'details' to the left of the list items .

Then when you drill in to the second level you would get the existing grid system. Basically we're looking at a hybrid of the hero page layout and traditional system.

There are some other tweaks but are there any developers out there who would be willing to take this on - if so we'd need an idea on cost and timeframes. The site is live so we are looking at quite an urgent implementation.

Many thanks

Charles Dewey
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