Need developper to hire in order to link my bank (credit Mutuel, France) to checkfront

Hi !
I am looking for a developper in order to have direct payment on my bank account instead of going through paypal or Stripe. Because it takes fees and moreover, it takes a long time before it reaches my bank account.


  • Nobody knows how to do that ? I forgot to say I was ready to pay of course for that.
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    If you're using a common CMS platform, there's a good chance an implementation exists for your chosen gateway, and your bank may be able to suggest one that other businesses have used. If this is the case, it should be relatively straightforward for a developer to build something that can use a booking's information to determine what to charge, without having to start from scratch.

    The developer would then of course need to build an API integration to log that payment in your Checkfront booking, but it's not an especially difficult process, and they can get in touch with us at if they need any pointers.

    Not all of the developers familiar with these systems check in here every day, so if you need something done quickly, you might want to reach out on freelancing sites or twitter to see if anyone is interested (if you haven't already).
  • Kris,

    I know this post is several months old but I wanted to reach out and see if you were able find a developer to implement a solution to your issue. 
    If you still have interest I can pass along my LinkedIn and email and we can discuss your needs further.


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