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I'm using Zoho and Chekfront and was wondering if it would be possible to sync customers accounts between these 2 platforms. Anytime an information is modified in either Checkfront or Zoho, we would be up to date. What do you think?




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    Hi Arnaud,

    What information do you want to sync from the customer accounts? The existing Zoho and Checkfront integration will sync the basic contact information of a customer.

    If you aren't familiar with the existing integration you can learn more here: https://www.checkfront.com/support/docs/add-ons/zoho-crm

  • Hi Mitch,

    Many thanks for your quick answer. I have already read this article a few days ago. Just have to wait for Paul to make the right decisions. :) Cheers !
  • Hi Arnaud,

    Thanks for your reply! I actually changed my original post and am just replying here to make sure you were able to see it. Cheers!
  • Thank you for this article about integration. Coz for my business crm system is very important, so it was nice to read it. I liked it!
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